3rd Grade 2024-2025 School Year

This is THE major transition year for your Elementary student. Speed reading drills are emphasized. Language, Grammar, and Spelling are increased. A major step in your student's accomplishments in Math happens this year, multiplication and division tables are introduced and memorized. Please make sure to take time each day to drill the multiplication tables. They must become second nature. American History is seen through the biographies of exceptional Americans. During this transition, we assist you to provide that student with a Christian education that will allow them to grow in their individual skills through five books that should normally take four hours for a parent to deliver.

Module 1 Welcome to 3rd Grade!
Unit 1 Welcome Packet  
Module 2 Fall Semester Attendance
Unit 1 Fall Semester Attendance Sheet  
Module 3 Fall Semester Report Card
Unit 1 Fall Semester Report Card  
Module 4 Spring Semester Attendance
Unit 1 Spring Semester Attendance  
Module 5 Spring Semester Report Card
Unit 1 Spring Semester Report Card  

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