4th Grade

Our 4th Grade continues our focus on worldclass Christian education while propelling your student into more challenging concepts.

Module 1 Welcome to 4th Grade!
Unit 1 Welcome to the 2023 2024 School Year!  
Unit 2 Organize for Success 4th Grade  
Unit 3 How to Grade 4th Grade  
Unit 4 How to Mark for Attendance 4th Grade  
Unit 5 Daily Schedule  
Unit 6 School Year Schedule  
Unit 7 Lesson Procedure for Early Learners  
Module 2 Fall Semester Attendance
Unit 1 Fall Semester Attendance Sheet  
Module 3 Fall Semester Grading
Unit 1 Fall Semester Grading Sheet  
Module 4 Spring Semester Attendance
Unit 1 Spring Semester Attendance  
Module 5 Spring Semester Grading
Unit 1 Spring Semester Grading  

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