Our pursuit of knowledge and academics flows from our purpose and our values.

Our Purpose

American Christian Academy has been founded to provide a rigorous, world class education from a Christian Worldview. We offer courses from Kindergarten through 12th grade to help parents and students reach their educational goals. Our courses will prepare students to perform far beyond required proficiency exams. The platform we offer streamlines the process of obtaining required course material, entering student grades, and taking exams. Our goal is to enable parents to provide for their children a Christian education in a loving and safe environment that supports the American Christian family instead of tearing it down. Parents can enroll their children in the American Christian Academy here.

Our Values

  • Biblical Founding
    • Our Founding fathers were united in their love, admiration, and devotion to God, the Bible, and individual freedom.
  • American Exceptionalism
    • Believing the truths enshrined in our founding documents to be self-evident to all reasonable and fair-minded humanity, they produced the greatest nation on earth. America is great because America was, and continues to be, a nation founded to promote the unfettered communication of the Gospel of God, and to make Him known to all the world.
  • American values
    • Devotion to our Creator God, Respect for the rights of all individuals, Government exists to protect the individual’s rights. Government does not exist to rule over the lives of men. Obedience only to a Constitutional Republican form of government based on the rule of law.
  • Biblicism
    • We understand who God is, by what God says, therefore we should all be permanent students of the Word of God. The Word of God is best understood when interpreted using the normal grammatical meaning of human language.
  • Salvation through Faith alone in Christ alone
    • Jesus taught that belief in Him is the only means of being born again. Without the new birth, you may not enter Heaven when you die.
  • The Pilgrim Life
    • The world was given to mankind by God to be enjoyed eternally. But through man came sin, and sin has brought all evil and the conclusion of evil, death. But as Christians, death has lost its sting. Now we are just pilgrims passing through. Death happens to us all, but we are looking to the return of our Lord who will found a new, enduring country whose builder and maker is God.
  • Excellence in the core
    • All students will achieve competency in reading, writing, and arithmetic.
  • Technology proficiency
    • We live in the age of technology. Our students must possess technological skill to be competitive in the market place of the future.
  • Foundational Renaissance
    • Many schools have abandoned traditional education principles, however, we emphasize the basics. We believe that without a solid foundation, a student’s ability to succeed will be limited. Our students will have the ability upon graduation to flourish and excel in their walk with God, their intellectual pursuits and vocational careers, their physical health and strength, and in their social interactions with family, their house of worship, and their world.

Our Academic Policies

  1. Excellence – All activities, assignments, papers, quizzes, and tests must be accomplished with the student’s best effort.
    • That effort must begin in the spirit, maintaining a right relationship with God by asking for forgiveness daily and striving to accomplish His Will.
    • That effort must extend to the mind, where the student must read, comprehend, and master the intellectual arts.
    • That effort must be completed in the work itself
      • With intellectual rigor (having answered is this the best way to think about this and to do this activity?)
      • With competency (am I displaying the intended qualities of the lesson?)
      • With compliance to the standard (am I following the rules and am I meeting the requirements?)
      • Finally, the effort must be completed with passion (am I pouring all of myself into this? Because, as God said in Eccl. 9:10, you are going to die)
  2. Integrity – Academic integrity means that all academic work undertaken or submitted must reflect what it purports to be, which is the actual, mental, physical, individual work product of that unique individual student apart from any artificial intelligence program, participating or non-participating individual students, well intentioned family members, online repositories or any other source. It can accurately be said, “This is MY work!” Sometimes that work may only receive a “C”, but it reflects who you really are. Your work may never stir the souls of men, but it is your voice, your mind, your heart. It is yours. Not a program, not another person’s work; it is your work product. All forms of academic dishonesty which fail the test of integrity make the student liable for expulsion. These include but are not limited to:
    • submitting another person’s work as your own, or submitting the work retrieved from an online repository, or submitting any work of or derivative of an artificial intelligence
    • plagiarism of any kind
    • any form of cheating
    • lying on any document, work, communication, or lying in any inquiry into activities concerning American Christian Academy
    • any forgery of any kind on any document or work or communication submitted to or intended for submission to American Christian Academy
    • providing to another student any information concerning assignments, exams, or any potential academic activity in any form