2nd Grade 2024-2025 School Year

In 2nd Grade, we continue building the educational foundation for our Elementary student. The focus is on building up the core of reading, writing ability, and math comprehension to prepare your student for next year's transition to further their growth into God's wondrous world. We provide 36 weeks of core class material using four books from Master Books along with various additional electives available. The normal daily schedule should normally take three hours per day for a parent to deploy to their student. We are excited to see what God does in the life of your student!

Module 1 Welcome to 2nd Grade!
Unit 1 Welcome Packet  
Module 2 Fall Semester Attendance
Unit 1 Fall Semester Attendance Sheet  
Module 3 Fall Semester Report Card
Unit 1 Fall Semester Report Card  
Module 4 Spring Semester Attendance
Unit 1 Spring Semester Attendance  
Module 5 Spring Semester Report Card
Unit 1 Spring Semester Report Card  

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