6th Grade

The final year of Elementary solidifies your student's understanding of rudimentary concepts. Our Christian education gives them the necessary knowledge needed to perform at the their best in High School.

Module 1 Welcome to 6th Grade!
Unit 1 Welcome to the 2023 2024 School Year!  
Unit 2 Organize for Success 6th Grade  
Unit 3 How to Mark for Attendance 6th Grade  
Unit 4 How to Grade 6th Grade  
Unit 5 Daily Schedule  
Unit 6 School Year Schedule  
Unit 7 Lesson Procedure for Early Learners  
Module 2 Fall Semester Attendance
Unit 1 Fall Semester Attendance Sheet  
Module 3 Fall Semester Grading
Unit 1 Fall Semester Grading Sheet  
Module 4 Spring Semester Attendance
Unit 1 Spring Semester Attendance  
Module 5 Spring Semester Grading
Unit 1 Spring Semester Grading  

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