Evangelism Explosion – Level 1 Student Starter Kit (KJV)





Evangelism Explosion is a proven method for teaching Christians how to share their faith. Typically the course is taught by the leadership of a local church, but we have adapted the course to be used by home school families. We do recommend that the lab sessions (on the job training) be led by a pastor or someone with evangelism experience.

This evangelism course is designed for use by adults, and teenagers, and is usually taught in churches during a Sunday school quarter (12 weeks). Our adaptation is a self-taught course, with weekly labs where the student is led by an experienced witness in real world training sharing the gospel with family, friends and neighbors. We recommend the course be used for students in the seventh through twelfth grades.

We recommend that each student have a Student Starter Kit. It’s a complete assortment of materials that the student will use throughout the course.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 Evangelism Explosion Textbook
  • 1 Level 1 Student Notebook
  • 1 Questionnaire Pad – Assurance Questions
  • 1 Questionnaire Pad – Religious Questions
  • 1 Results Report Pad
  • 1 EE Gospel Presentation CD
  • 1 Partners in Equipping Booklet
  • 3 Partners in Praying Booklets
  • 1 Partners in Growing Booklet
  • 1 Partners in Friendship Booklet
  • 1 Gospel Tract – Classic “Do You Know??”
  • 1 Learning Cards – KJV


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