Big Plans For Henry


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With a quake and a crrrack, the hadrosaur egg breaks open and Henry’s journey begins. What does God have in store for this little duck-bill dinosaur? Join Henry as he makes new friends and follows tracks to a surprising discovery.

Full of fascinating facts about animals, fossils, the global Flood, and Noah’s Ark, Big Plans for Henry introduces children to a biblical understanding of dinosaurs.

Publisher: Institute for Creation Research

A Note To Parents:

This book is a work of fiction. However, this story is based on a real global flood event and describes true creature features. Look for the science and Bible fact boxes for fascinating details about the animals and events in our story. We tried to be both scientifically and Biblically accurate in describing creatures and conditions in the pre-flood world. We hope your children enjoy learning more about God’s word and the dinosaurs He created, and about Jesus, who cares for each one of us.

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