• Biblical Founding – Our Founding Fathers were united in their love, admiration, and devotion to God, the Bible, and individual freedom.
  • American Exceptionalism – Believing these truths to be self-evident, they produced the greatest nation on earth.  America is great because America was, and continues to be, a nation founded to honor God, and to make Him known to all the world. 
  • American valuesDevotion to our creator God, Respect for the rights of all individuals, Government exists to protect the individual’s rights not to rule, Obedience to a Democratic Republican form of government based on the rule of law.

  • Biblicism – We understand who God is, by what God says, therefore we should all be permanent students of the word of God.  The word of God is best understood when interpreted using the normal grammatical meaning of human language. 
  • Salvation through Faith alone in Christ alone – Jesus taught that belief in Him is the only means of being born again.  Without the new birth, you may not enter Heaven when you die.
  • The Pilgrim lifeThe world was given to mankind by God to be enjoyed, but as Christians we are all just pilgrims passing through. Death happens to us all, but we are looking a yet undiscovered country whose builder and maker is God.

  • Excellence in the coreAll students will achieve competency in reading, writing, arithmetic.
  • Technological proficiency – We live in age of technology.  Our students must possess technological skill to be competitive in the market place of the future.
  • Foundational Renaissance – Many schools have abandoned traditional education principles, however, we emphasize the basics.  We believe that without a solid foundation, a student’s ability to succeed will be limited.  Our students will have the ability upon graduation to flourish and excel in their walk with God, their intellectual pursuits and vocational careers, their physical health and strength, and in their social interactions with family, their house of worship, and their world.

Our Statement of our Christian Beliefs and teachings.